Tender Corporation has firmly established itself as the maker of effective solutions for nature's problems. New product development and acquisitions have reinforced that position in recent years. A brief history from the early days of the company illustrates how the role was established right from the start.

The early 1970's marked retirement for Kenneth Grout. He was headed for New Hampshire's White Mountains, to discover the joys of fresh air, good fishing and hard-earned relaxation. But there was an element which Ken's carefully laid plans had overlooked- an irrefutable ingredient distracting every part of the vision. It was in the garden, in the woods, around the ponds and on the mountaintops. It was the merciless black fly. You cannot quite imagine how annoying and painful this bug is, unless you've been to northern New England in late spring. This tiny pest aggravated Ken to the point of canceling retirement and launching a full-time counterattack.

The basic solution to bites and stings, from black flies and other insects, came relatively easily. Ammonia hydroxide was a known home remedy for bug bite itch, dating back to the days of pharaohs. Ken focused on combining it in an effective formula. He searched for a way to package the solution for convenient use, especially for the many times a household ammonia bottle was not handy or easy to carry.

By 1975, under the name of Tender Corporation, Ken and his son Ted produced their first 50,000 units of insect bite relief, AfterBite┬«. The pen-like, applicator-tipped, plastic tube was an instant hit. The success of AfterBite® preceded the subsequent launches of Ben's®, Natrapel® 8 hour, Easy Care® First Aid Kits, AfterSting®, AfterBurn® and Easy Access Bandages™.