Tender Corporation's County and Municipal Supply Program was established last year to assist various governmental agencies who have responsibility in the areas of vector-borne diseases and mosquito abatement by supplying our Ben's 30 DEET tick and insect repellent at special prices. Ben's 30 is 30% DEET. Tender Corporation has developed a water-based formulation which we believe offers advantages over typical alcohol-based repellents. Because it contains no alcohol, it does not open the pores of the skin when it is applied and it does not evaporate so readily. The result is longer-lasting protection. Under our County and Municipal Supply Program we are offering special pricing on Ben's 30 pump in a 1.25 oz bottle packaged 144 bottles to a case.* If you have any questions, please call Tender Corporation toll-free at 800-258-4696.

* This price and offer are valid only to county and municipal agencies. Proof of identification and a valid PO# from the agency is required.